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X-TrainFit At Home Training is a high intensity fitness program that is designed to be completed within the privacy of your own home or on the road. Very little equipment is just a set of dumbbells or exercise bands.

Over 12 weeks, you will use the 8 intense workouts on the 8 DVDs to shred fat and sculpt and tone muscle. Don't wory ladies, you won't be bulking up, you'll be building a slimmer, fitter you.

Each video demonstrates a modified level of difficulty throughout ranging from level 1 for beginners to level 4 for advanced users. You can pick a modification level that challenges you then try and push it to the next level when ready.

You will complete the videos with varying frequency and in varying order depending on the period of the program you are in as outlined in the quick start guide provided.

Workouts - 12 Weeks of Intensity

Circuit Burnout is a body sculpting routine that provides a full-body workout using a combination of cardio and toning to get the maximum result. 81 Mins 

Cardio an intense cardio workout designed to burn calories and fat. 54 Mins 

Hard Core builds the six pack abs that are the billboard for every great looking body. 54 Mins 

Chest & Back sculpts the upper-torso into the physique you have always wanted. 63 Mins 

XTF Legs strengthens and tones the lower body while building lean muscle. 53 Mins 

XTF Arms focuses on building lean and defined arms, as well as toned shoulders. 49 Mins 

Yoga builds strength and flexibility in a relaxing and meditative flow that aids in muscle recovery. 42 Mins 

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